Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and I was just looking at some of the animals up for adoption at the Capitol Area Humane Society and there is a lot to choose from.

Are puppies your choice?  CAHS have plenty for you to check out , and don't forget the older and even senior dogs they will give you so much love.  I truly believe they know that you have rescued them and they will be grateful  to you for the rest of their lives..

The Capitol Area Humane Society also has Cats that range in age from kitten to senior citizen.  A few years back my Mom adopted a 13 year old  cat, she said she decided todo that so it could spend what time it had left being spoiled and pampered.   Her name was Charlotte and she lived another 2 years....yes spoiled ….and she deserved it.  The pictures above are of Kevin as a baby just after we adopted to the big boy he is now.

Kitten season is here and soon the shelter will be filled to the brim with kittens.  Please remember to spay and neuter your pets so you can help control the animal population.

Please, Adopt don't shop for your next pet..

IMG_4474 (1)

This is Sheba, she was found down south and would have ended up in a High Kill shelter, luckily CAHS got and brought her up here, and she is our baby now.


All photos courtesy of M. Harris TSM

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