Courtesy of Capitol Records

Q: I'm confused about what the song PENNY LANE is named after. Sometimes I read things that are “in” Penny Lane or “on” Penny Lane. I always thought it was a street. Is it or not? 

A: Here in America, the Beatle song PENNY LANE is mostly thought of as a street, which it is; but it is also a district. So, while there are references to things that are ON Penny Lane, like a barber shop, there are people that reside IN Penny Lane. John Lennon was the only member of the Beatles that actually lived in the Penny Lane district when he was young.

Courtesy of Apple Records

Q: Back in the 80's there was a Nike commercial that used the Beatle song REVOLUTION as it's jingle. Was that the actual Beatle recording or a cover version? 

A: That was the actual Beatle recording – the single version – of REVOLUTION. Even though Nike claimed they paid Capitol Records $250,000 to use the song, the Beatles' company (Apple Records) sued Nike for 15 million dollars for using the song without their permission. The commercial ran in 1987 for most of the year before it was yanked.