Peloton is sure getting some heat over its new holiday ad.

Since the high-end fitness equipment dropped their latest commercial on YouTube last month, viewers have had some issues with the ad's message.

To set it up, the 30 second video starts with the husband surprising his wife with the brands' $2,245 and up stationary bike on Christmas morning. The wife then records herself  getting ready for her first ride, admitting she's "a little nervous, but excited."  Other scenes show the wife rushing home to work out, and getting up early to do her workout.

The ad ends with the wife and her husband watching a video she made throughout the year on the couch, saying she didn't think she could do it, and thank you.

Some of the tweets that followed are hilarious and mock the ad. One said, "No offense to the Peloton lady but if your Christmas gift to me is just a video of you using the Christmas gift I got you last year then you're not getting another Christmas present from me again."

Another funny response...My twitter feed is really mad about the Peloton ad.

My Facebook feed hasn't mentioned the Peloton ad.

My Instagram feed wants a Peloton for Christmas.

Or, I'm gonna marry the Peloton wife and let her do whatever she wants and bake her garlic bread every night and give her scarves for Christmas.

Despite the backlash, the company's stock went up 4.6% on Monday.

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