Here are two of a handful of questions I've been saving, since they have something to do concerning the Thanksgiving season.....

Q: Is Paul McCartney back to eating meat since his wife Linda passed away?


A: Nope! Some folks thought he might but to honor his late wife, he hasn't. During his Beatle days, he was known to scarf down many steaks along with his bandmates whenever they had dinners celebrating the success of their latest records. After his marriage to Linda, she convinced him to go vegetarian, which he has remained ever since. On one Thanksgiving, Linda even served a turkey made out of macaroni. Yuck.

Q: I caught a glimpse of "The Last Waltz" starring The Band on TV the other day. I know the movie was about their breakup, but when did they finally call it quits?


A: That movie was a filmed performance of their last show together as a group and featured many guest stars. The Band decided to officially break up on Thanksgiving Day, 1976.

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