Here we go again. Kids are going back to school. When I was a kid the summer seemed to fly by and as an adult it seems to go by even faster.

When I had to go back to school as I kid, I didn't hate it, but I wasn't excited about going back either. I wanted to see my friends that I had not seen all summer and I can remember being excited about the new kids I might meet in my new class for the upcoming year. The anticipation to find out who my teacher was going to be was fun too. As soon as I found out who my teacher was for the year I would call all of my friends to see if they had the same teacher. This was long before texting and email. If I couldn't get through on the land line, it wasn't uncommon for me to ride my bike across town to my pal's house to see if we had the same teacher.

Now that I am a parent, back to school takes on a whole new meaning. I love watching my sons grow up. It's a bittersweet situation. I love seeing them grow, discover and learn. Summer break goes by a lot faster with my own kids versus when I was a kid growing up. I think it's because we are adults and I have adult things to do. I enjoy their summer breaks but having responsibilities sometimes limits the time I can spend with them. Whenever I have time that I can spend with them I maximize it. As summer comes to an end, I am grateful for the time we were able to spend together this summer while creating memories for years to come.

I wanted to know what other parents thoughts are about back to school and below you'll see some responses. I am not alone, neither are you.

Parent Responses About Back To School

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