Are parents taking all the fun out of kids playing sports these days?   That's exactly what some experts are saying.  Placing increasing emphasis on winning could be having negative effects on your child's desire to play.

A survey by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association has discovered that over a recent five year span, the number of kids and teens playing team sports declined nearly four percent, and that participation in all sports in general is down 10 percent.

Some experts are placing the majority of the blame on pressure from parents.  Parents are getting increasingly competitive about showing that their kids are number one in everything and sports is just another example.

When there's such an overemphasis on winning, it really takes away the enjoyment and fun experience from the kids.

So how do we get kids back on the field enjoying athletics again?  Experts say a shift in parents attitudes and expectations could do the trick.  Parents should take a step back and really listen to what their kids want.  For overly competitive parents, it's never too late to make a change.