Last night I took part in a paranormal investigation in a place that used to be a stagecoach stop in the 1800's...there continues to be odd occurrences in this place and a loved one had passed not too long ago.

Before we even headed inside, one guy turned and saw a face looking out of a window; no one was inside. He later asked someone to describe what the above-mentioned deceased looked like - it matched the description of the face in the window. Then we headed inside.

The place was cramped and somewhat claustrophobic, with low ceilings.

As we huddled in the kitchen area, the head investigator asked questions to which it seemed he was getting audible answers on his EVP Listener.....I heard 'em.

As time went by, one of the guys said something grabbed his arm; another one said he felt a hand as well.

I saw some kind of wisps on the monitors, from cameras that were set up around the place. I took a video camera into the basement and upstairs - with lights out - and hopefully there will be something to show in the following week or so.

I do NOT include 'orbs' because all they are are dust particles or bugs.

So keep checking here and if there are any findings to report, I will put them here.