Get ready dog lovers, the 10,000 square foot indoor dog park, The Pack, is expected to open this summer in Comstock Park.

According to the Detroit Free Press, dog owners in West Michigan will have one more way to spoil their four legged friends come summer.

I really believe that true dog lovers will really enjoy this indoor dog park. Dogs have so much energy and I'm sure all dog owners will have a blast with their furry friends this summer at The Pack.

The Pack Indoor Dog Park will offer a little something for dog owners as well, including food and alcoholic beverages.

The 10,000 square foot space will include open space for dogs to play and a seating area for their owners with food and drink.

To keep food services up to code, the dog space and the food spaces will be completely separate, including separate HVAC systems to avoid cross contamination.

Food and drinkware will also be single use to avoid bringing contaminated items back into the kitchens.

We have a lot of dog lovers in this building alone, so once they read this post, they can share the great news with other dog lovers as well.

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