All Ice cream lovers will be screaming for these new flavors.

Hudsonville Ice Cream, out of Holland, MI has unveiled it's new extra indulgent line of  ice cream. The West Michigan company has seven new pint size flavors that include: raspberry chocolate chunk, cake batter, blueberry donut, salted caramel brownie, crunchy peanut butter cookie, and overloaded mint cookie dough.

The company says they plan to reveal one new flavor each day this week on their web site. Those who were lucky enough to get a taste test say that each flavor is built on the idea of extra add-ons. Like there is more caramel in the salted caramel brownie, and more peanuts  and chocolate pieces in the crunchy peanut butter.

If I have got you craving ice cream, then good, I did my job. The pints of the new Hundsonville super indulgent ice cream line are available at Kroger and Meijer and the pints are only $4.99. Not a bad price for over-the-top flavors.

Click here for the Hudsonville ice cream website.

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