Yes, it is as cold as heck outside, but there is still fun to be had outdoors, just make sure everyone is dressed warmly.

My 2 daughters were outside yesterday playing in the snow and sledding down the steps of our deck.  But they did stop at one point and tried a little science experiment.  Blowing bubbles and watching them freeze.

 Blowing bubbles outside in winter.

This is a science experiment that would be perfect to do today because to be successful, you need a very cold day.  Blowing bubbles that turn into ice is pretty easy to do.  You will need regular bubble solution or you can make your own by mixing one part water, to four parts dish soap and add a dash of light corn syrup. Mix that up and grab a wand and blow.  Now, for the bubbles to freeze before they pop, the outdoor temperature needs to be well below freezing, which will not be a problem today.

When the bubbles freeze, and before they pop, they are a thing of beauty.

Another fun experiment you can do outside with your kids, is to take a cup of boiling water and then throw it into the air.  How the water reacts is really cool.  The minute the boiling water hits the air it immediately becomes steam and then turns into a very fine snow.  Your kids can turn boiling water into snow.

This next experiment is one my daughters plan to do today.  Take a pair of jeans, and soak them in water.  Once the pants are completely soaked soaked take them outside.  In about 20 minutes they will be frozen.  and you will be able to shape them into a form you want, then in 20 minutes or less they will be frozen.  A guy in Chicago did that and then used his frozen pants to save a parking space.

Winter fun outside for all ages, just bundle up.

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