Park Cemetery sits on Seventh Street in Marquette, just down the road from the Old City Orphanage (now an apartment building).....and the hauntings in both the cemetery and orphanage are connected. Someone would be hard-pressed to find a similar haunting in Michigan.

People either visiting loved ones or just walking through the cemetery have noticed a large hole in the ground in a particular turns out to be an open grave. It was intended for a young male orphan who was beaten to death many years ago by a temperamental nun down the road in the orphanage.

Coincidentally, when sightings of this grave first began, a mysterious green glow appeared in the cellar of the orphanage. When the green glow disappeared, the open plot in the cemetery had been cryptically filled in and flowers were lovingly strewn over the grave.

Since that initial occurrence, the incident has repeated several times. People see the open grave, the green glow appears down the road, and the grave is filled minutes later, covered in flowers, as if it has been that way all along.

This seems to be one of the more unique hauntings in Michigan.....but that ain't all. To read more hauntings and events surrounding the old 1914 orphanage, CLICK HERE!

If you plan to visit, be respectful and obey any closing hours.

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