Hi there fellow grocery shopper. I'm the one that you see when you are walking down the aisle at the store going the wrong way. Have you noticed the arrows on the floor? In fact, they even have writing  on the floors as well to help you know which way to go.

The stores have been doing this for some time now; not to drive you crazy, but to help you and your loved ones stay free of the coronavirus.

We are dealing with a pandemic. For most of us, this is the first time in our lives we've had to face something like this. There are some pretty easy ways to help keep yourself healthy. Wear your mask, and whenever you are out in public, socially distance from others. Guidelines have you staying at least six feet away from others. Especially when you are shopping. Please don't stand right behind me breathing down my neck. That will not get me moving any faster and might have the opposite effect. The reason stores have the arrows on the floors is so that shoppers can safely distance themselves from others while they are shopping. Pretty easy rules to follow.

One more thing. I have seen some of you 'puff guys' walking around with no mask, walking on the heels of other shoppers, just waiting for someone to call you out. My advice is get over yourself, be safe, mask up, keep your distance and stay healthy. These are not rules to punish, but to keep you safe and healthy.

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