Olympic Broil,

It’s been a while.

You’ve been dealt some blows over the past two years. A pandemic and major road construction punched you right in the face, yet you still stand! You’ve taken the punches and are still a favorite destination for so many people in Mid-Michigan. And I'm one of them!

My love affair with you began in 1996 when I moved to Lansing from St. Joseph, MI. We used to have a drive in called Roxy’s. It was a staple for so many years in Southwest Michigan. They had the same kind of greasy, beefy, cheesy, bacon-y, flat top, deep fried magic-ass food that you offer and the same vibe.

When I heard you existed, I knew I had to try you. I was blown away and decided that you and I would be pals.

You are always there for me. I know I can visit you whenever I'm craving some locally-owned fast food. I need to do a better job because I haven’t been a very good friend lately.

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You are always my craving for ANY post outpatient surgical procedure that involves anesthesia. Really, I get excited about outpatient surgery BECAUSE OF YOU! I look over your menu in the recovery room and get my taste buds ready for a ton of different and delicious items! It could be a gyro, fish sandwich, the bad ass chicken fingers, coney dog, onion rings or mushrooms. Dude, I'm getting hungry for you right now as I write this long overdue love letter to you.

After all the menu browsing and temptation, I always come back to your olive burger with bacon and cheese. Olive burgers make me not give a damn about what just happened in a surgery or procedure! Snagging a chocolate shake always helps too.

I wanted to thank you. Thank you, Olympic Broil, for the amazing grub that you make. Thank you, Olympic Broil, for the memories I have of dining at your place and the crap spilled in the car...no hard feelings about that by the way.

One last thing, and it's maybe the most important.

Thank you, Olympic Broil for rekindling some of those awesome memories from my past at the old drive in back home. They say that all kinds of things can trigger awesome memories, and you, my friend, did that for me.

I'll see you soon.

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