The Blockbuster store in a city near central Oregon became the last one in the United States last year.  It will be the only one in the world very soon.

According to WILX-News 10, Your Breaking News and Weather Authority, a Blockbuster store in Perth, Australia, is closing later this month, leaving the Bend, Oregon franchise alone on the planet.

Blockbuster movie rental stores were once everywhere, with 9,000 stores worldwide.  The company closed all of its corporate owned stores in 2014.

We all remember the days here in the Lansing area, when we would go to the nearest Blockbuster store and purchase a new release as well as a classic movie on DVD.  And we can't forget about the candy and popcorn to go with our movie choices.

Those days are gone and I'll tell you why.  Competition from on demand movie streaming services like Netflix and Hulu forced Blockbuster to declare bankruptcy in 2010.


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