As more people are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, that means more people are now cooking at home. This is the reason so many people heading to the kitchen and are making comfort foods that they had when they were growing up.  Because of this, one of the worlds greatest sandwiches is making a comeback.

All Hail the Tuna Melt! Not only is the sandwich delicious, but it is made with ingredients that most people already have in their homes.

Just a mention of a Tuna Melt is making news on the internet. According to a spokesman from Reddit, just a mention of the delicious sandwich has gone up over 30% and canned tuna references up 60%.

If you grew up in Mid Michigan, then you may remember a restaurant in the Meridian Mall, The Backstage. First of all they had the most delicious food, but as a kid whenever we went out to eat there the only thing I would order was their Tuna Melt. It was delicious!

The tuna melt sandwich is highlighted in a new cookbook 'The Tinned Fish Cookbook: Easy-to-make meals from Ocean to Plate, by chef Bart van Olphen. The Chef was one of the best in Paris but now he has gone on to become a passionate sustainable seafood advocate. Back in 2010 he released the award winning book Fish Tales where he shares stories and recipes from sustainable fisheries around the world.

The Backstage Restaurant is no more, but if you go out and see the Tuna Melt on the menu, you are not just ordering a plain old sandwich, you are ordering a trendy, eco-friendly delicious sandwich.

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