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When it comes to paint color, homeowners may have reason to go back to black.

Houses with front doors in shades of black -m from charcoal to jet, fetched $6,271 more than expected when sold.  this is according to the latest paint color analysis from real-estate site Zillow.

The analysis looked at more than 135 thousand photos from listings of homes that sold between 2010 and 2018, comparing the sales price of properties with colorful designs to those with white walls.

A Black front door was not the only bold design choice that paid off for home sellers.  Tuxedo-style kitchen cabinetry, where the upper cabinets are white or light colored and the lower cabinets or kitchen islands are a dark color like navy or black, also earned a higher selling price of around 15 hundred dollars.

A representative for real estate giant Zillow said that they are seeing a notable shift in home design where pops of color, especially in the darker hues of blue and gray are favored over the basic white or cream colors.

A little bit of paint, can earn sellers thousands more.

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