It's good to be Harry Styles and it's good to be One Direction. Those are fairly obvious assessments. But want more proof of the charmed lives of 1D? Well, we've got it.

The well-coiffed Styles is reportedly hanging out with model Kara Rose Marshall... again. They were said to be a "thing" back in July of last year. But Hazza is a known lady killer and he recently was linked to reality star and model upstart Kendall Jenner, but that fizzled out, too. Oh, Harry and his models!

A source said that Hazza and Marshall were cozy at the book launch event for his hairstylist Lou Teasdale on March 25. "Harry really likes her, not just because she’s beautiful, but he also thinks she’s cool and down to earth," an insider said. "They’re both Northern, so have a similar sense of humor." It was said that Hazza grew bored with Jenner because she didn't "get" his very British sense of humor.

And wanna know why it's even better to be 1D than you may have previously thought?

Well, the boys are gearing up for their summer Where We Are world tour. They have added dates, which now total 69. The tickets are in super high demand and are more hotly desired than those of Katy Perry and Eminem.

Forbes reports that the tour is projected to rake in $334 million in receipts. The average ticket price is $88, with almost 55,000 in attendance at each show. Whoa!

When all is said and done, the tour could end up being one of the Top 10 tours... of all time. That's insanity, considering that heritage acts like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen do that kind of record-setting business.

You can't deny the power of 1D or Directioners, for that matter.