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likely have heard the Holiday song, Baby Its Cold Outside.   Well, that is the song that is causing a bit of ruckus, many  considers it a rape song and explains its real meaning.  She wants to go home and he is trying to stop her, "hey whats in this drink" was a bit of a joke at the time.  The song came out in the era when an unchaperoned woman should never be alone at a mans home.

The radio stations decision to stop playing the song was after countless listeners complained that the message  behind the song was inappropriate.  Many people say its because of the #metoo movement.

One person wrote in a post that "the dude spikes the drink and the girl says , well at least I tried"  He claims the song was probably written by a sex offender.

The song was written in the mid 1940's, and one English teacher defends the song saying it's not a song about rape , its more about a Woman finding a way to exercise sexual agency in a paratracheal society (what ????)  The teacher goes on to say that the woman in the song is resisting to staying because she is suppose to not because she wants to.

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