It would make a good song title: "Tearin' Down The Olds Plant."

But it was a sad day when the bulldozers and steam shovels moved in and ripped down.

According to the video description, "It's the end of the manufacturing era in the United States and nothing says it more than the teardown of the General Motors Olds plant in Lansing, Michigan."

Construction began on the plant in 1901 when R. E. Olds moved Olds Motor Works to Lansing. It was set on the old Grand River fairground site and became known as 'Lansing Car Assembly – Chassis Plant."

It was the longest-operating automobile factory in the country, closing it's doors on May 6, 2005. Demolition kicked off in Spring 2006, finishing up in 2007.

Click the above video and watch 'em tear it down...   :(