Some of the restaurants here in Michigan have been around for a very long time.

Take the New Hudson Inn; it has been in operation since the early 1800's. Back then a man named Russell Alvord of Monroe County in New York sought out President Andrew Jackson for a grant of land in the Northwest Territory. He received a deed with President Jackson's signature for a 40-acre parcel of land where he opened an Inn, then called 'Old Tavern' in 1831. Michigan had not achieved statehood yet when the Inn opened its doors. This was a popular stopping point on the stagecoach route with so many people heading west.

The proprietors of the Tavern were sympathetic to the slavery abolition cause during the Civil War era. They were a stop on the Underground Railroad, helping many escaped slaves find freedom.

The New Hudson Inn is still open today for food and drink. Located at 56870 Grand River Ave. in New Hudson Michigan.

Jacoby's has been serving German cuisine to Detroiter's  and others for over 100 years.  Jacoby's has Detroit's oldest saloon. Serving drinks since 1904.  The establishment has an old-world beer garden, and they are known for classic German fare and a long beer list.

The Historic Holly Hotel was built back in 1863 near the first railroad tracks where 25 trains passed through each day. The historic hotel has been long known to be haunted. Norman Gauthier, a professor of parapsychology (he was a ghostbuster) visited the hotel in 1989 and called the place loaded with spirits. The Holly Hotel is known as the most haunted historic building in Michigan and perhaps, some say, the most haunted in America.

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island has been in operation since 1887, and as they say "beckons guests to a bygone era of old-world hospitality and charm." It is an amazing  place to stay and the food and service you receive is incredible. The Grand Hotel is truly a jewel in Michigan, some place everyone should experience at least once. And yes, apparently the Grand has ghosts as well. Thankfully, I have stayed there a few times and have never run into one.

You do not need to leave Michigan to find adventure and a great meal, just explore our beautiful state, and do a little ghost hunting while you're at it.

Thrillist put together a list of the oldest restaurants in Michigan if you'd like to learn more (note that it was published in 2016, so some of the restaurants they feature may have gone out of business since then).

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