What image comes to your mind when you hear the word "party"?

Hootin' and hollerin', boozin' it up, people packed like sardines, destroying your parents' living room, food all over the floor, childish drunken behavior, spring break, party crashers, police, etc.....any of these come to mind? I've been to college frat house parties and they are the most uncomfortable: too many people arrive and you can barely move. Dancing is impossible and you might as well plan on wearing an adult diaper, because you'll never get into the bathroom. Once somebody steps on a big glob of spilled chip dip and falls, everyone around him or her goes down as well.

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Today's parties are a far cry of what parties were like over 100 years ago. I mean, sure...there was the consumption of alcohol, some wild behavior, etc. back in the olden days. But also many parties were more subdued, as they were carefully watched by either parents or chaperones. So a little decorum was in order.

Also, the term 'party' meant more than just wild, stupid behavior. It basically meant a group of people at a gathering. It didn't have to be for a birthday, New Year's, or an excuse to get drunk. There were (and still are) wedding parties, fishing parties, and card parties. Not to mention others like tea parties, boat launching parties, and "new house" parties.

The gallery below has photos that range from the 1880s to 1931, showing many different types of "parties".....some may not be what you expect!

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