Ever since I can remember, Okemos schools have always used Chiefs as their nickname.

Well things are about to change because Okemos Public Schools have a new mascot. How about the Okemos Wolves? I like Okemos Wolves, it has a nice ring to it.

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A recent Board of Education meeting was held this week where they unveiled the new Okemos Wolves logo.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

The district will now begin rebranding uniforms, athletic fields, merchandise and even district letterhead with the new logo. Superintendent John Hood said the project could cost at least $400,000.

My daughter and son both graduated from Okemos High School within the last few years and both used the Okemos Chiefs logo. I asked them about the new Okemos Wolves logo and they both said they really like it. I would agree as well.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

A $213,663.50 grant from the Native American heritage Fund will help cover the projected rebranding costs. Any remaining costs will be covered by the district's sinking fund, bond money, or fund balance dollars, Hood said.

We can all understand why this new logo change is going to be so expensive, because so many things need to be changed to "Wolves."

We're talking about on sports fields, all scoreboards, business cards, letterhead, and everywhere else in between.

Once the change has been completed, you're going to see a lot of students from Okemos schools walking through neighborhoods sporting the new look.

And when you think of all the sporting events that take place in Okemos, that means re-ordering athletics uniforms sporting the new look of the Okemos Wolves logo. It's going to look very cool. GO WOLVES!

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