About 25 miles north of Gaylord, you may have seen this old shack with these two signs:


The shack/doghouse has its own satellite dish and antenna…so is it for real?

On one of my frequent trips north, I passed by these again and finally decided to find out what the heck these are all about….so I called the number and talked with Ray myself.

Ray owned 26 acres that is split by I-75. The land is rich with forestry and trails that go everywhere throughout, loaded with elk that Ray enjoys spotting at almost any time of year.

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The “doghouse” is actually a deer blind that Ray put there at the end of what he hoped would one day be a landing strip where he could land his plane. He said he had a helicopter land there before.

Ray has had many, many calls on this property, of which the house is 25 square feet. Eventually, the part of his property that lies on the west side of I-75 was purchased by the Sturgeon Valley Campground, past the Sturgeon River on Trowbridge Road. Unfortunately for the campground, they can’t do anything with the property on the east side! They are not allowed to build anything over there, so Ray keeps his ‘doghouse’ and signs up for the enjoyment & entertainment of Michigan travelers.

As for troubles with his wife as the signs lead you to believe?
There are none.
He wasn’t married.
Will he ever sell his property?
Probably not, but it never hurts to ask.

Next time you travel north and see these signs, you’ll be in on the joke.
Give Ray a wink in his direction as you drive by.


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