Anytime is a good time to curl up with a good Michigan Haunting. This time around it's an old furniture building in Marquette.

This shop along the east side of S. Front Street, currently sitting between the Chocolay River Trading Post and a chop house restaurant.

Decades ago that shop was the H.R. Oates Furniture Store. But it wasn't just furniture...the shop also doubled as an undertaker parlor and morgue.....and it's the basement where current owners and employees are hesitant to enter.

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The basement was where the bodies were embalmed. Not only that, but anyone who was unfortunate to pass away in the winter months were stuck there until warmer weather came back. Marquette morticians would store their cadavers in the basement for months until it was warm enough for funeral processions and burials.

A rumor says the basement was used as a speakeasy during Prohibition in the 1920s. When the furniture/undertaking business folded, the building became a bar. It became the well-known Shamrock Bar in 1945 which lasted a few decades. It was sold in 2007.

One of this building’s tales is that of a woman who was believed dead and placed in a coffin and left in the building overnight. When the morticians came back the next morning, they discovered that she had been alive when put in the coffin…she suffocated to death. Employees have claimed to see the ghostly apparition of a woman and have heard her say “Can you get me out? I want out…let me out…”

Strange and odd occurrences are frequent, such as lights flickering, moving objects, the sound of a baby crying, doors closing on their own, and ghostly figures. Yup...any time is a good time for a ghost story...visit sometime...

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