Seems like there are hundreds of graveyards around the country with the name “Oakwood” attached to it. Well, here’s another one. This particular Oakwood Cemetery is in Kent County, 5 miles west of Cannonsburg and 12 miles north of Grand Rapids, across the street from the Grand Rapids Gravel Company.

The cemetery stands at the junction of Cannonsburg Road and Brewer Avenue. The tale dates back only a few decades to the 1980’s, when people driving home from Grand Rapids would constantly see the figure of a woman standing at the juncture. Even if the weather was rainy, cold, snowy, whatever…she never had a coat on. Did anyone ever try to stop to help her? It’s assumed not, as there were places in the area she could have walked to for any needed assistance.

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This apparition did not attempt to flag down a car, wave for help, hold up a sign, or try to hitch a ride. She just stood there watching drivers as they went by, spooking most of them, I’m sure.

It’s been asked if this was a homeless person. Even so, why stand in the same spot, night after night, in all kinds of weather, without any kind of outerwear to keep her dry and warm?

Westward down Cannonsburg Road used to be an old Michigan logging town named Austerlitz. Was this apparition a former town resident of Austerlitz? If so, what is she trying to tell – or warn – people about?

Take a drive over and see if you can find out…

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