The Oak Grove Cemetery in Coldwater was established in 1854, and is nowadays split into two sections, thanks to US-12  The cemetery’s old section is on the north side of the road and contains many graves of Civil War soldiers.

Race car driver Scott Brayton, who was killed during practice runs for the Indy 500 in 1996, is buried here, as well as the former Guinness Record's "World's Oldest Person" Maud Farris-Luce, who died in 2002 at the age of 115 from pneumonia.

Once you get to the old part of the graveyard, look for a mausoleum with vines growing all over it at the end of a circular pit…this is where many ghosts have been seen. It’s also where photographers have captured what they believe to be ghosts…not some lame orbs, but actual misty human-like figures near the top corner. Vandals wrote “Meg Lives” on the ground and a red pentagram on the mausoleum door that probably isn't there anymore. Thrill-seekers who visited at night get overcome with a wave of uneasiness, nausea and fear as they walk through that circle. many visitors who have experienced some unexplainable things refuse to even discuss them anymore.

See the photo gallery below for great pics of the old cemetery, the pit and the mausoleum. And, as always, when you visit, don't litter, don't vandalize, don't be obnoxious, don't be noisy. The best thing to do is to either go alone or with just ONE other person. That way you can concentrate on exploring without having to babysit any immature people that may tag along.

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