In the small town of Nunica lies a pretty close duplicate of Britain's Stonehenge.

But this Stonehenge is not some ancient mystery, nor was it put here by aliens, vikings, Native Americans, Druids or French explorers. This display is not even made of stone, asphalt, cement, concrete...or even wood. The entire exhibit was made from styrofoam and stucco by a contractor, hired by the owners of a horse farm in Nunica.

The replicants are all embedded in the ground by metal beams, so there's a very slight chance they'll topple over during a storm.

Wanna see it? It's kinda hard. You'll havta drive down Leonard Road, south of Nunica, to see it, but trees block most of your view, unless you visit after all the leaves have fallen off. If you do visit, keep in mind, this is on private property, so you can't trespass...but you can see it from the road and get your pictures there.

See the photo gallery above for pics and location and add this quirky little stop to your next Michigan roadtrip!

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