Gym goers who like to dress a bit on the edgy side are going to love these new bike/workout shorts. Shorts that give the appearance of being naked. These shorts come in colors that are very similar to the colors of skin.

I am pretty sure that is on the top of the list of those who work out a lot (not). The shorts give the illusion that you are not wearing any shorts. Hmmmm....

This new 'trend' seems to have started in Australia and is spreading to workout spots in the United States. Lucky us, they are also available in leggings.

Want to show off your body with these 'fake nude' workout pieces?  Word says you can get them at Forever 21, or Amazon and Walmart also have the nude shorts available. Yippee.

Even celebrities are getting in on the trend.  The Kardashians wear them to show off their waists and butts, so yes they did help this become a trend.

I am pretty sure that I would not like to see folks in nude bike shorts doing squats at the gym..ick!  But to each their own.

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