What an eventful, sleepless night.

First off, earlier in the evening as I was driving, I turned my head evidently too fast or the wrong way - and caused a 'crick' in my back, which prevented me from getting to sleep.

After finally getting to sleep, something woke me up around 3am...and I smelled something stinky. The dog had left me a 'present' on the bedroom rug. Cursing under my breath, I turned the light on so I wouldn't step barefoot in any unseen poop.

Once the light was on, it spooked a bat that had somewhere gotten into the house...and a big one at that. So, downstairs I went...only to step in a puddle of dog pee at the bottom of the stairs. Using even more curse words - and some I made up - I went back upstairs to clean up the poop.

Then I went back down, sidestepping the puddle so I could concentrate on catching this huge bat that was flying all through the house, upstairs AND downstairs. After the bat dive-bombed us for awhile - and us realizing we couldn't find a net to catch it - I simply opened the side door and after a few minutes it found it's way out.

Then, I went on to sop up the dog pee...scrub the rug...and got back to bed around 4am...to which I had a hard time falling back to sleep, thanks to the activity and the crick still in my back. So I turned on the TV and watched an episode of "The Honeymooners" hoping it would relax me. I turned it off around 5am and half-slept til 7am. Laid there in bed for an hour until I said "the heck with it" and got up.

And people wonder why I have bags under my eyes.