You probably don't have plans to up and leave your home with your personal belongings, but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

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Watching videos of people exploring abandoned houses around Michigan is always interesting. Some homes will have a fridge full of expired products, while others have clothes that were left by their previous owners.

Abandoned Northern Michigan Home

Sitting somewhere in northern Michigan, decaying inward on itself, and collecting mold, take a look at this abandoned northern Michigan home.

Look Inside This Now Abandoned Northern Michigan Home

Left to wither away in northern Michigan, take a look below at what remains of this Michigan home.
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Look Inside This Historic Abandoned Detroit Police Station

Fan of old abandoned spots in Michigan? This one isn't the average abandoned factory. In fact, you probably would do everything you could to avoid checking this place out while it was open.

Look Inside This Crazy Abandoned House In Detroit Michigan

Have you ever seen a dome house in Michigan? There are a few in Detroit. Take a look inside this one in Detroit.

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