That's right - a close friend of mine was berated in a store for saying "knickers"...the word was said in reference to a pair of short pants, known as "knickers," albeit an old term. A woman who was standing nearby heard this and began a was explained to her that the word she heard was "knickers" and an attempt to spell the word was ignored and thwarted.

The same thing happened a time later in a supermarket when the word "crackers" was used. A woman approached and started HER tirade of using a 'racist' word like 'crackers.' Well for one thing, it's not 'racist' - it has nothing to do with race; secondly, the word was used in reference to actual snack crackers: whether saltines, wheat or cheese, I don't know for sure.

So what are we supposed to do? Not use words that MAY sound like a slur? Should we not use the words "juice," "bean," "raccoon," "kraut," "woodpecker" or the name "Charlie"?

Should we change the name of redskin potatoes to "Native American" potatoes?
Or change the names of  Cheese Nips, "Honky Tonk Women," Mick Jagger, doo-wop, Oreos, the state of Indiana and Spic & Span? Jeez, folks...LIGHTEN UP.

What the @#$!& is wrong with people anymore? Why are so many people just WAITING to start something? Aren't we getting a little TOO touchy and P.C.? By the way, P.C. has become an excuse for anger and starting arguments...DO NOT fall into that.

BE PROUD OF YOUR HERITAGE....BUT RESPECT OTHERS AS WELL. And just as important, have a sense of smarts and humor. Open your ears & hearts a little more and stop being so touchy.