WHAT??? A Beatle - Paul McCartney....DENIED access to an after-Grammy party! Unbelievable but true. Evidently, Tyga and Kylie Jenner didn't feel Sir Paul was important enough to join their little soiree'.

Paul showed up with Woody Harrelson and Beck, hoping to join everyone but were unceremoniously turned away at the door. Let's face it - without Paul or the Beatles, many of today's "singers" would be working at a fast-food dump or K-Mart.

It figures a Kardashian was involved...the whole Kardashian klan thinks they're the biggest thing to hit Earth.

Class act that Paul is, he left good-naturedly and didn't cause a scene, unlike many of today's "stars" who would've cause a HUGE stink.

Watch the video above to see the snub...listen for Paul's exclaim, "how V.I.P. do you have to BE?"