A few years back, you may not have heard the name Steven Avery, that is unless you lived in Wisconsin. where the murder and trial happened.  Netflix aired the show 'Making a Murderer', and after that aired the conversation began, was Avery guilty of the murder or was he framed by a corrupt Police Department.

The show had me hooked right away, Steven Avery was or was not framed for the murder of Teresa Halbach, and how the community felt about the Avery family, calling them trash.  But was all of that enough for Steven to be a murderer?   That's  what had the show getting so many viewers, was he guilty or did the system fail and an innocent man went to prison.

There has been a break in the case, Steven Avery has won an appeal.  His lawyer Kathleen Zellner revealed on Monday that Avery won his motion to appeal when the Wisconsin Court of Appeals filed their decision.    Zellner told Newsweek that this was a huge win for Avery and his legal team.

If you need to catch up, Netflix is still showing Making a Murderer Part 2.    With this latest development , Zellner says that this new evidence they have has the potential to undo the whole case, so yes, it is a big win.  Steven Avery is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach, a crime he says he did not commit.

I can't wait to see how this plays out.  If Steven Avery is exonerated, it would be his second extended prison sentence for a crime he says he did not commit.


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