The photo gallery above shows many pictures of the abandoned Newport Missile Base, just south of Detroit. The base operated from 1955 - 1963 and is in a state of deterioration and vandalism, a far cry from it's former self.

What's so special about it?

According to"The Newport NIKE Missile one of sixteen original NIKE Missile Batteries that surrounded the city of Detroit, Michigan in 1958.....significant for its role in American military history, the history of the Cold War, and specifically the history of the Detroit Defense Area."

Check out the photo gallery above to see current pictures; then, to see photos of what it looked like in the early 1960's, CLICK HERE.

I don't know the availability to walk around the area, so any curiosity seekers will have to find out when you get there. It may be gated, it may not. Either way, it's an historic Michigan spot to seek out.

It's located next to Nike Park on Newport Road, between N. Telegraph & Grafton roads, west of Newport and north of Monroe.

Take pictures/video if you visit!