Hamburg Township police, about 45 mins from Lansing, have had numerous complaints about weird phone calls from the "Social Security Administration". The calls are automated and apparently are asking people to not disregard this call and instead call 878-213-4416 for more information.

Please do not call that number.

It is a scam as scammers will answer and attempt to pry your personal information.

Scams have been a little slow this year but there are still scams around so be careful. Also make sure to tell your loved ones, especially the elderly, about this scam as it is one that will be targeting that age group.

Also just so you know if any "government agency" calls you asking for your personal information it is probably a fake. Most government agencies won't call you. And this might be weird but it is the government I'm sure they know enough of yours and mine personal information. More about this scam here. 

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