All you have to do is mention Legos and I'll come running. That's because Legos are so much fun to work with.

Skies the limit when it comes to Legos and all the fun you can have with them. My son and step-son used to build all kinds of crazy things with Legos, including a Batman cave and a well put together castle

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If you and your kids love Legos, then you're really going to be happy when you read this, a new Lego store is coming to Grand Rapids and it will open in December..

According to

The store, called Bricks & Minifigs, is set to open Dec. 10 at 2927 Breton Road SE.Owners Nathan and Julia Petersen are hosting a grand opening celebration from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10, featuring raffles, custom bricks and Grand Rapids-themed minifigures, Lego builds on display, used and new Lego sets and refreshments.

You can build so many cool things using Legos. You can build a basic house, furniture for your very own Lego house, and you can even build a Working Orange Juice and Nutella Breakfast Machine.

Come December 10, we can all check out the new Lego store and get even more ideas on how to build something very creative using nothing but Legos. also adds:

“Our goal is to be a place for creativity, whether you’re a Lego nerd or just curious and want to learn a little more,” Julia Petersen said. “We’ll even have Lego workshops to learn new building techniques. Lego goes along with community and connecting with people is so key to us.

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