The Capital City Capitals and the three other Greater Lansing hockey programs are now part of the South Central League with several programs from the Kalamazoo region.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Randy Allen, who had been a hockey coordinator during his time working at the Michigan High School Athletic Association, met with individuals from the Capitol Area Activities Conference back in 2018.

He knew something needed to be done, player numbers were down. The once seven team conference was down to four. Hockey in Greater Lansing was at a bit of a cross roads.

Those involved had a desire to see the sport survive and thrive. So Randy Allen decided to reach out to some programs in the Kalamazoo area.

Finally, things started to fall in place for the creation of what has now become the 10 team South Central Hockey League.

The four programs from Greater Lansing: the Capital City Capitals, Eastside Stars, Mid-Michigan Marauders and Okemos combine to form the Central division along with several others.

Veteran Okemos coach Bill Sipola said what he likes most is that there are more meaningful games on the schedule. There are a lot more games and more fun for everyone.

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