The National Weather Service has another warning to keep us all safe during the winter months

Being a driver in Michigan we have all been victims of what in the mid-west is refereed too as 'Whiteout'. A Whiteout is a weather condition in which visibility and contrast are severely reduced by snow. I was taught to grip the wheel, steer straight and count to 5 (basically hold on for dear life and hope it's over soon). Now, the threats of snow squalls is being recognized by the National Weather Service.

Mlive has reported that the National Weather Service has declared it will officially issue snow squall warnings. Over the past two years, a warning type called a 'snow squall warning' has been tested in a few areas across the U.S. and is now an official alert. Here is what is the warning is being described as...

A snow squall is an intense, brief period of snow. Previously it could catch many drivers by surprise because the burst of snow didn’t fit into criteria for a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning or certainly not a blizzard warning.  A driver not expecting a burst of snow can run into a dangerous driving situation in seconds. Now the snow squall warnings will set off that very loud noise on your phone, similar to a tornado warning or an Amber Alert.

The warning is issued just minutes before the snow squall enters a county. In that way it is a similar timing to a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning. That is not really enough time to get off the road, but it is enough time to prepare yourself for the squall.

Drive safe!

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