As a result of new coronavirus restrictions that begin on Wednesday, governor Gretchen Whitmer offered little hope regarding state help for restaurant and other workers who may lose their jobs. (Detroit Free Press)

Governor Whitmer also said that Michigan's finances are tight. That is why a new federal stimulus package is more essential than ever.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Whitmer said she will join other Midwest governors from both political parties Tuesday in making a joint appeal to Congress for help.

The last thing we need right now is to see more people lose their jobs, but then again, what else can we do when we're fighting a major COVID-19 pandemic?

Whitmer said unemployment insurance is available, but help is very limited compared to what it was early on in the pandemic, when federal help was available.

Over the weekend, the Governor announced new coronavirus restrictions. They begin on Wednesday and will last through Dec. 9. Restrictions will close indoor service at bars and restaurants, casinos, theaters and bowling alleys, and place further limits on gyms while halting in person schooling for high school and college students. (Detroit Free Press)

At this point, it's not known how many people will lose work as a result of the new orders under Michigan's Public Health Code.

Governor Whitmer expects to join governors from Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana and Kentucky Tuesday in making a joint plea to the president and Congress.

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