Working from home?  Maybe you are finding yourself with more free time since you started to quarantine at home , well that's my life right now.  The only place I go between work and home is the occasional stop at Kroger.  My day is work-home-repeat.  I have been watching a lot of shows and movies on Netflix.  Apparently I am not alone. I can watch on the t.v. or on my phone or laptop.  Netflix is always available.

Here are some of the shows that are either popular, my favorites or both.

Ratched- from the mind of Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story).  This is the original story of asylum nurse Mildred Ratched played by Sarah Paulson, it takes place in 1947.   My daughter Carson LOVED IT, me not so much.  Rotten tomatoes gave it 61%.

Emily in Paris- Stars Lily Collins as a marketing executive from Chicago whos job takes her to Paris where romance and friendships ensue.  Many call it a 'piece of fluff', but it is a light hearted escape from todays angry political scene.  Rotten tomatoes says 64%.

Lock & Key- This is based on the comic book series, it follows 3 siblings who return to their family home only to discover they have special powers.   Rotten Tomatoes 66%.

The Witcher- This is an original Netflix series based on the best selling books.  The Witcher. Geralt, is a mutated monster hunter and the show has a fantasy element as well as dark humor.  My daughter and her boyfriend LOVED it, me...not so much.  I found it hard to follow, but I am going to give it another shot.  Rotten Tomatoes 67%.

The Haunting of Bly Houses- Truth be told, it was good but I liked the Haunting of Hill House much more, an opinion that my daughter and I continue to argue about today. Rotten Tomatoe gives it 87%.

The Umbrella Academy- on the same day in the late 1980's, 43 women , who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before, gave birth.  7 of those babies were adopted by a very wealthy and very secretive man.  Their 'father' then prepares the children to save the world.  Rotten Tomatoes ...82%.

The Tiger King- Yes, this is the show that had everyone talking and became a huge hit.  It takes place in the world of big cat owners, and I am not talking large house cats.  Rotten Tomatoes  gives it 86%.

The Crown- LOVE THIS !!  This is an absolute favorite of mine, it tells the story of the Royal residents of Buckingham Palace.  Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me and gives this show 91%.

Stranger Things- A group of kids in the 1980's have their world rocked when they find a friend missing, a monster is on the lose and a shady government lab is discovered in their town, and they befriend a girl called Eleven.  Fans of the show are waiting anxiously for the shows next season.

Other favorites on Netflix :

A Series Of Unfortunate Events


Flint Town

The Keepers

The Haunting of Hill House

Making a Murderer

..far to many to name.   Bottom line, thank goodness for Netflix, they are keeping me sane during quarantine.

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