National Junk Food Day, a day to celebrate foods we love that are not very healthy for us.

If you ask me, what is my most favorite junk food, without hesitation I would answer Made Rite Potato Chips and Quality Dairy Chip Dip.   Dots Pretzels, those spicy flavored pretzels, would be a close second.

The question was asked online, what is your favorite junk food, the answers to that question were a bit startling.  Apple Crumble pie, top the online list of junk food favorites.  I have never considered a pie to be junk food, Dorritos, yes, but not pie. Other top favorites on the list are pot pies and sprinkle donuts.  Not long johns, or chocolate donuts, but sprinkle donuts w

After conducting a quick survey around the office, some of the top choices for favorite junk foods are potato chips, especially Michigans Made Rite Chips, Chili Cheese Fritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, pretzels, Dots spicy Pretzels, and butter twist pretzels, also made the list. Double Stuffed Oreos, Cheez-It's, Peanut M&M's, Cheetos, Kettle Chips, Pop-Tarts, and any fast food that can be ordered at a drive-threw after midnight. All these selections made the official list of my office favorites.

On the national list of junk food favorites, its cupcakes, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, cream pies, like chocolate or banana, cake, and number one on the list is Donuts.

National Junk Food Day only comes around once a year, but I know many or most of us celebrate junk food many, many times throughout the year, day or weekend.

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