The Mystery Spot in St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula is not unlike Mystery Hill in the Irish Hills near M.I.S.

Mystery Spot, Mystery Hill, Gravity Hill, Magnetic Hill…it’s all the same and no one can seem to pinpoint where the first one originated.

Some feel the first one was in Santa Cruz California, discovered in 1938 and opened to the public in 1940.

For the location in St. Ignace, surveyors discovered this fake ‘phenomenon’ in the 1950’s when their equipment seemed to be on the fritz, doing weird things and making the workmen feel dizzy. When they realized what was going on, the wheels were in motion to turn the area into a tourist trap and make a few bucks.

It’s no huge mystery…it’s no spacecraft buried underground or supernatural forces at work…it’s simply shifted, angled earth that makes the surroundings appear to defy gravity…like water running upstream, etc.

But you can visit this nearby Mystery Spot just across from the Mackinac Bridge as you wind your way thru our state during your summer roadtrip; located at N916 Martin Lake Road west of St Ignace…Mystery Spot is always good for some family/friends photo-ops and selfies!  Click the video below and watch a tourist’s visit to the St. Ignace Mystery Spot.

Spend your wages in Michigan this summer…why give your hard-earned dough to anyplace else?


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