On my recent trip north, I happened to catch a glimpse of something hiding in the weeds and reeds along the east side of 127, between mile markers 179 and 180. This time of year with the growth higher than usual, and with these objects sitting so far off the road, I still don't know how I happened to see them.

As I was driving by, I noticed something sticking up just slightly above the weeds...this 'thing' resembled moose antlers and since I was alone and driving, I didn't get a chance to get a real good look...but I did notice the body underneath looked something like a moose. Was this a real creature or some publicity gimmick.....or maybe a joke?

It seems that there are at least two – maybe three – animal figures in these weeds, to look like moose grazing or hangin' out alongside the road. They definitely caught my eye, so I tend to believe the moose were put there by someone who wanted to give passing motorists something to surprise them. It definitely made my head turn.

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If you wait until October or any month when the foliage and brush are at their lowest, you'll get a real good look at these 'meeses'. It was a clever idea, whoever did this. I wonder how many tourists from other states went home and raved about how they “saw wild moose along the road” in Michigan?

Take a look at the photos below so you can get a look at what awaits you between mile markers 179-180 on 127 north...

Fake Moose Along Northbound 127


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