Our dog - a Great Dane - had not been doing well lately.

Last night he was rolling over on his back so I could rub his belly. He had never done that before and seemed to enjoy it. He wouldn't eat and couldn't get up to walk. I petted him, told him I loved him and eventually went to bed around Midnight.

At 3:50 am I awoke and went downstairs...he had passed away maybe a couple of hours earlier. After almost an hour of cleaning up, I sat at the bottom of the staircase and just thought about what this animal meant to us. And I also thought about all dogs and how they love us unconditionally, wanting nothing but to show us that love - and be loved in return.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: something that humans are incapable of, for sure.

I got the inspiration to find something that told us how dogs are better than humans...and I found something that is very cool...Click this link and read "12 Reasons Dogs are Better Than People." These 12 reasons are so true, you need to read the article and see the pictures. Maybe it will give you better perspective of this creature who loves you.

After reading, don't just throw down a bowl of food for your pet...spend a few minutes petting & talking kindly to him/her. The rewards are awesome.