So, you've binge-watched an entire season of your favorite fugitive-hunting reality show and you're thinking of leaving your current profession behind to chase down a dream and bail jumpers. Congrats.

Work on your cardio. Those criminals are fast.

How To Become a Bounty Hunter in the State of Michigan


Also referred to as fugitive retrieval agents, Michigan bounty hunting is considered a dangerous profession. If you're certain that chasing down people who skip out on their bail then no worries. As it turns out, becoming a bounty hunter in the Mitten State isn't all that difficult.

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Forget about studying endless textbooks or spending time in a classroom with Buba Fett. You don't need a degree but, finding a related degree may make some of the investigative parts of the job easier. It's also a good idea to work for an existing operation as more experienced fugitive trackers, as with any job, tend to make more money.


Surprisingly, Michigan has zero regulations on the books for bounty hunters. That doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about liability. Imagine the lawsuit you would face if you tackled the wrong person thinking they were your target.

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Most professional bounty hunters in Michigan struggle to make ends meet according to

The Detroit News surveyed 20 of the 65 names listed on a Michigan bounty hunter directory and found that most of them were no longer in operation or worked other jobs ranging from cook to teacher.

With that in mind, you may want to expand your title to Private Investigator. It does require more training, but you'll be able to help people dig up dirt on cheating spouses, find missing persons, and chase a higher class of criminals (they're faster too, work on your cardio).

Michigan has several requirements for becoming a licensed Private Eye, to see them all, visit

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Duane "Dog" Chapman sold this 6,200-square-foot home in Castle Rock, Colo. for a shade under $1.6 million. Photos show that every living space comes with expansive views of the mountains surrounding his home. Until recently, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star lived in this mansion with wife Francie Frane. They're said to now be living in Florida.

Karen Beville and Scott Beville of Coldwell Banker listed the property. More details are available through Zillow.

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