Leaves have been falling and now you have a choice to make. You can either rake them and bag them which is back breaking and takes forever, or you can just mow over them and put mulch back into your lawn.

According to canr.msu.edu, mulching leaves back into your lawn will provide a natural source of nutrients that will improve the growth of your lawn.

That's exactly what I did last fall when I realized how much I hate raking leaves. I just mowed over all of the leaves in my front and back yard and turned it all into mulch for the lawn.

Michigan State University Extension turf specialists have determined that simply going over the fallen leaves with your mower or a specialized mulching mower is a smart gardening practice that saves you money and reduces weeds. (canr.msu.edu)

I have one of those Z-turn riding lawn mowers and it does a great job when it comes to mowing and grinding up the leaves into smaller pieces.

You can use your mower or a specialized mulching mower to grind up the leaves. Make sure you go over the leaves a number of times. The more you mow over them , the more the leaves are broken down into small pieces.

If you have many trees and just too many leaves fall for you to mow, collect the mulched leaves every other mowing and put them over your cleaned out vegetable beds.

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