Moist towelettes...who'da thunk there'd be a museum of these things.

And also who'da thunk that museum would be right here in Mid-Michigan.

John French works in MSU's planetarium and began collecting moist towelettes in the 1990's. As his collection grew and became known, John started receiving other moist towelettes from around the world. Some of the more collectible ones include a run of "Star Trek" towelettes, some from Hard Rock Cafes and a used one from the hosts of the radio program "Car Talk."

As the collection grew, John had to add more display cases; all of which can be seen by visitors. All you have to do to see this odd collection is to contact the planetarium and find out what John's office hours are. He's a real friendly guy so you shouldn't have a problem scheduling a visit.

Check out a few of the towelettes in the photo gallery above.
Then pay a visit to the webiste and check out many others, at!

It's just another little Michigan oddity that adds to our state's a visit soon!