Warmer weather means…….ICE CREAM!

Who in their right mind does NOT like ice cream?

Onlyinyourstate.com has listed 12 ice cream places in Michigan - which happily includes the MSU Dairy Store in East Lansing (see photos above!)  –  where you can drool, slobber, slurp, lick, scarf, salivate, mow and nom-nom-nom your way into gooey, creamy, decadent ice cream oblivion.

Many of these places are already open for business – have you had your ice cream fix yet? This is a great list of 12 close-by places in our state where you can find mouth-watering ice cream sensations, no matter where you travel statewide this year. Also, we're especially proud to have the MSU Dairy Store on this list and it's only minutes away!

Check out the entire list HERE.

Happy drooling!!!


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