We all know Michigan State University's history is rooted in agriculture. Known to some as "Moo U," the school was founded in 1855 via the Land Grant, a government program that helped fund institutions for the purpose of agricultural education.

The university is still very active in agriculture, of course, and runs its own farm, and that has earned it some acclaim.

Best College Reviews, a college review journal, has named MSU to its list of "20 Best College Farms." It compiled the rankings based on farm size, integration with the main campus, sustainability, whether courses are taught at the farm, whether students use the farm and integration with the community.

Here's what Best College Reviews had to say about MSU, which it ranked No. 8 in the U.S.:

Michigan State University offers a 15-acre year-round teaching and production farm that is organic certified. Production is carried out by students in the SOF Farm Crew, students from the 9-month Organic Farmer Training Program (OFTP), and volunteers. Produce is available 48 weeks of the year through the community supported agriculture program (CSA), as well as stands on the MSU campus throughout 7 months of the year, or through MSU dining halls. Production is diversified and includes vegetables, livestock, flowers, fruits, and herbs.

MSU was the only institution from Michigan, and the only institution from the Big Ten, to make the list.