According to the Lansing State Journal, "Michigan State University is preparing to welcome students back for a new academic year, as it has for more than 160 years. This year will look and feel very different."

What's going to be different this year? New health precautions and expectations.

Spartans will definitely rise to the challenge when it comes to decision making as their main focus is learning and living options.

"Some students will move in for a semester that includes online, in person or hybrid classes. Others are choosing to study online from home." (LSJ)

Many faculty members completed training during the summer months to sharpen their online skills.

When it comes to staff members, many continue to work on campus when needed. That also includes arranging residence and dining halls, classrooms and other spaces for physical distancing.

MSU's fall planning is informed by what they have learned since March about how to reduce COVID-19's transmission.

They know certain measures have proved to be effective, including wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distance, isolating those infected and identifying and quarantining those who may have been exposed.

"MSU is sensitive to students who don't wish to return to campus yet. Students who would have been living on campus were allowed to select their learn from home option to be released from residence hall housing contracts for the semester." (LSJ)

Many students want to return for in person learning and to be a prat of campus and community life.

Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said we believe "most MSU students are willing to be adaptable and responsible when community well being is at stake, and that they will be motivated to preserve the campus experience." (LSJ)

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